The brilliance of pure, exquisitely cut gemstones is truly breathtaking.  Sakala Jewels works with traditional Indian gemstone master Amit to create the most beautiful Indian jewellery.

Helen is the owner of Sakala Jewels. Together, Helen and Amit select the very best gemstones and create unique jewellery designs to inspire. Making hopes and dreams come true.

If you can dream it, we can design and make it

Brilliant gemstones. Brilliant design. Wearing a piece of Sakala jewellery Is guaranteed to make you feel fabulous!

Sakala Jewels

Helen and Amit make sure that the natural brilliance of their gemstones is transferred to the setting and design of their stunning jewellery pieces. Beautiful necklaces, pendants and earrings to adorn and enhance any outfit. Each jewellery item, an original and unique piece.

And you can also feel good about the way Sakala jewellery is sourced and produced.

Sakala Jewels has long-established relationships with our suppliers and we trade with them in a wholly ethical way. Around 10% of all profits is donated to charitable causes, so Sakala gives back to India too.

Purchasing direct from traditional craftspeople and producers in India, we offer them access to a marketplace which they would not otherwise have.

Every item purchased from Sakala enables the person who made it to take care of themselves and their families. To educate their children and to ensure the long-term future of their business. So that they and their families can continue to do what they know and love.

Sakala – A Holistic Indian Experience

Artisan for Sakala Jewels

The word Sakala means ‘whole… the end reaches the beginning’ in Sanskrit and the name was chosen to reflect the holistic way in which Sakala works. Bringing joy and happiness to its customers through a very special experience. And to its suppliers by providing them with employment and security, ‘doing what they love’.

Helen’s hands-on approach and infectious personality have attracted, and continue to attract, many business partners in India and Nepal. Leading to a growing, vibrant and highly successful enterprise, which is mutually beneficial.

made with love