When you hold a piece of Sakala jewellery in your hand you are also holding something that embodies the things that are important to us.



We believe that jewellery should make you feel like an even better version of yourself. Make you sparkle more. Give you confidence. Show off your playful side. Express your personality in a subtle yet defined way. Jewellery should be playful, fun and a joy to wear!



Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to giving back to our communities. Through working closely with our main Indian craftsman – spending time with his family, listening to his stories and watching him choose stones and suggest designs for our beautiful jewellery – we are able to listen to what people need, as well as pay attention to what our customers want. We fund Helping Elsewhere, an NGO set up in 2007 that works to improve the lives of people in India, Nepal and Sussex. The stories of our pieces of ethical jewellery continue after they have been sold, as money flows back into the place they came from. At Sakala we know our customers want to help generate change, without compromising on quality and style.



We are a small brand, working alongside skilled artisans whose work we know to be of the highest quality, which means you can be sure all our pieces are ethically produced and as sustainable as possible. We have been curating and selling jewellery for more than 10 years and run an established shop in Sussex with a broad customer base.



Because each and every individual gem used in our jewellery is hand-selected by specialists in India, we can guarantee that only the very best are chosen. We use only natural stones, rather than laboratory-developed or heated ones, which means they are sustainable and full of inherent natural character. No Frankenstones are welcome here!