When you hold a piece of our beautiful jewellery in your hand, you are holding an embodiment of all that is important to us.

Ethical Trading

Creating our own story, we’ve rewritten the text book on trade. We can proudly trace each and every Sakala Jewels creation to a family run business across the globe.

We care for the environment and we support people with “our hands across the world” philosophy. Treating all equally, embracing diversity and giving people freedom.

Amit Jain, our longest-serving craftsman and designer represents this. Making each creation by hand with love and supreme skill.


Our deep admiration and respect for the talent and the exacting standards of our craftsmen is central to our partner relationships with them.
We recognise hard work with a fair price.

The partner craftsmen of Sakala Jewels are not only well rewarded financially, but they are encouraged to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation of jewellery makers. Ensuring continued prosperity for their community and the continuation of their skills and culture.

Customer Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our priority. If we’re not 100% delighted with a piece of jewellery, it won’t make it to our online store or physical shop.
So if you visit our home from home in Steyning, West Susses, please expect a warm Sakala Jewels welcome, enriched with our stories of provenance, care and exceptional quality.


Genuine kindness spreads like warmth. This motivates us day in, day out. We are so grateful for the support of the families behind the Sakala Jewels creations. And we are honoured to be able to help them provide their children with a good education. In turn, these children help and encourage others – spreading kindness and compassion throughout their communities.

Sakala Jewels is proud to Invest in our partners’ communities, giving about 10% of all our profits to support children’s education, women’s refuges, educational projects and much more, in the UK and in India.

We are thankful to be able to make a difference. That’s what ‘Sakala’ means – a Sanskrit word for circle. No beginning and no end.


We believe you should be able to do what you love, and that work should be fun too!

Life is what you make it, shaping your experience and the experience of those around you. Sharing our positive spirit of daring, our sense of adventure, our endless curiosity and our limitless imagination we motivate and empower our craftspeople to express themselves and to follow their dreams. To be bold in the creation of their wonderfully unique designs. Designs that delight time and time again.


From the rich vibrant colours of the gems that shine out from each of our beautifully and lovingly created pieces of jewellery, to the skill, expertise and cultural wisdom of our craftspeople, we continually celebrate the unique design, naturalness and quality that define each Sakala Jewels handcrafted creation.

To illustrate the values of Sakala Jewels, here is an in-depth appreciation of our leading designer and creator, Amit, and his wonderful wife Anjali…